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by w4l3XzY3


by w4l3XzY3

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Time Machine must create a new backup for you


No. Just no.

If you have a NAS like Synology or QNAP, you might have seen this error. Letting Time Machine create a new backup for you, means you lose all old backups.

Fortunately it’s usually repairable. I have done this many times on my QNAP, and a few times on the Synology at work. Oddly OSX doesn’t do it automatically, which is silly, because it should be able to.

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Windows Live Essentials Install Error 0x80190194


I got a new Webcam, Microsoft LifeCam Cinema, and wanted to record something and edit it their website. It requires MovieMaker, so I had to install Windows Live Essentials. Every time I tried to install it, however, I would get error 0x80190194 – Now I tried researching a bit on the net, but could find no clear way to get rid of the error.
I got rid of it by opening Internet Explorer, deleting all temporary internet files, going in to “Connections” and removing ALL settings in proxy and dial up connections – They were all inactive, but you have to remove them anyway! Then the install went fine.
If you have any VPN-connections or stuff like that, try to leave them and see of you can install – If not, remove those also.

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iOS 4.2 update and music collection


So if you homes? managed to update to iOS 4.2.1, and you manage your Upcoming music Miami Dolphins Jerseys library manually, you probably think that all your music is gone COME from your device. It cheap MLB jerseys isn’t – Just add or delete one track from iTunes and they will all show up.
Also, you should open Marketing up the Emergency Photo app to wholesale jerseys let Gotta it update the photo/video library.

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