Cloupor Mini mini-review

by lars on 21/01/2015

So I thought I’d make a small review of the Cloupor Mini.

The build quality is great. It’s a little bit bigger than the iStick. I got mine in black, so it’s a nice thick coat of paint over the aluminium body. The battery cover is held in place by two fairly strong magnets, and I haven’t experienced any rattling or looseness from that. I really like the build quality. The screen, which looks great, is pretty flush with the device. The buttons are nice and don’t rattle.

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Cheap replacement electric toothbrush heads

by lars on 20/02/2014

I recently bought an Oral-B Triumph 5500 electrical toothbrush – Replacement brush heads are really expensive. For a TENTH of the price you can get exact copies that doesn’t say Oral-B on them from my favorite Chinese webshop FastTech :) Click here to go to the oral care category!

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Time Machine must create a new backup for you

by lars on 1/11/2013

No. Just no.

If you have a NAS like Synology or QNAP, you might have seen this error. Letting Time Machine create a new backup for you, means you lose all old backups.

Fortunately it’s usually repairable. I have done this many times on my QNAP, and a few times on the Synology at work. Oddly OSX doesn’t do it automatically, which is silly, because it should be able to.

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FS-LASIK treatment, part 2 of 2

by lars on 7/07/2011

I totally forgot to make a post the day after. It wasn’t because I was blinded ;)
The second treatment took place the day after (on my oldest daughters 10 year birthday) and lasted 30 seconds in all, 25 seconds for the flap, and 5 seconds of corrections.
I went home and slept for three hours again, and woke up. And everything was pretty clear.
It’s been a week now, the dryness of my eyes have abated VERY much – I hardly use the eye drops. It’s really weird to be able to see better without glasses, than I could with glasses a week ago!
All in all, I can recommend the treatment. In Denmark performed by or Memira (Memira has clinics in other countries as well).

Also I recommend that you get your eyes done on separate days – When the government in Denmark pays for it, it’s a requirement for them. I think there are good arguments to do it like that – But an obvious one, was that you can use your untreated eye while the other is closed ;)

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Part 1 of FS-LASIK treatment

by lars on 28/06/2011

I am far-sighted. This morning I went and got FS-LASIK surgery on my right eye. My right eye was the worst one, I had around +3 and astigmatism of around 3.2.
The operation itself took 20 seconds (making the flap) and 14 seconds of corrections – 34 seconds in all. Impressive! It was a bit uncomfortable, but not as bad as I had thought.
Right after, my vision was pretty blurry – This has mostly passed. I do have a pronounced haloing, especially around lights right now. I am hoping it will pass. It is only 10 hours since my surgery.
It’s very strange to be walking around without glasses and to be able to see as clearly as with them.
My left eye is around +2, and tomorrow I will have corrective surgery on that.

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Dropbox for backup and sharing

by lars on 20/02/2011

If you aren’t using it already, I can only recommend installing Dropbox. You’ll have backup for your most important files and can share with friends and colleagues. Join with this link: – If you use that, I get a little extra space in my dropbox :-)

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Huffington Post on e-cigs

by lars on 12/02/2011

The Huffington Post has an article on e-cigs called Are E-Cigarettes Evil? – It’s a good read, and the comments on the article are even better. So many well informed people. I fear, though, that they are fighting a losing battle against the anti-smoking lobby, Big Pharma, Big Tobacco and the government. Apart from the rediculously fanatic anti-smokers, they all have LOTS of money to lose.

I love one of the comments, “…nicotine is a fairly harmless drug, with the world’s worst delivery system…b­ut from on high it has been decided to focus on eliminatin­g it rather than changing the delivery system ti minimize the harm it does” and “[smokers] are not allowed informatio­n that can greatly reduce their risk“.

The powers that be in the USA (I hope it stays contained there), have their minds set to eliminating the lesser evil. Not that e-cigs are evil in any important way.

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Liberty Flights discount code

by lars on 8/01/2011

Wether you’re new to vaping or experienced, Liberty Flights always have everything you’d want! When you order, use the discount code ORDO to get 10% off! Right now they’re selling a great little Riva 510 kit with two atomizers, to batteries, charger, USB-cord for 29 GBP. It’s a great deal!

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E-væske opskrifter og -beregner

by lars on 8/01/2011

Er du damp-entutiast? Blander du selv dine egne nikotinvæsker? Så check e-væskeopskrifter og -beregneren – Den er også på dansk! :)

Du kan gemme private opskrifter, dele dem med andre, rate en opskrift, holde styr på dine smage og anmelde dem, læse andre folks anmeldelser, tilpasse eksisterende opskrifter til dit eget brug, kommentere, du kan finde opskrifter med bestemte smage! Når du er logget ind, så send kommentarer og forslag! Der bliver lyttet og læst!

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e-Liquid Recipes and Calculator

by lars on 3/01/2011

For all you e-smokers out there! There is a new awesome e-Liquid Recipe Database and Calculator in town! Give it a try!

You can create recipes as private, you can share them, comment on them, rate them, adapt them for your own needs. You can keep track on all your flavorings, make notes on them, rate them, share your list. You can see other peoples flavors and their rates. You can search for recipes with specific flavorings. Try it out! Once you’re logged in, use the feedback form on your page to send suggestions and comments! They’ll be heard!

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