Mavic Pro battery broke: Two middle LEDs

by lars on 22/09/2017

So, I was going to update my Mavic Pro to the latest firmware. At the end the iPad said that it had failed. The battery also looked weird. The second and third LED-indicator was lit and blinking every 15 seconds or so. And it wouldn’t react to anything, you could not turn the Mavic off. I pulled the battery out and replaced it with another and the update was successful this time. You have to upgrade all batteries, so I turned it off and replaced the second battery with the third – update was quick and successful.

Now I was stuck with the first battery that wouldn’t do anything. Every time I tried to upgrade it, it said that battery must be 50% or more. Inside the app it looked like 0% and 0 degrees warm, 0 mAh capacity :P I solved it by leaving it in the charger for about an hour, then started the app, then the RC, then plugged in the battery (the drone will turn off automatically with the defective battery). The “start screen” of DJI Go will check the firmware, then give you notice that there is a firmware mismatch, and if you want to upgrade. Swipe to upgrade and it worked.

Now I had to do charge it a few times before it worked. It didn’t work with my Android phone, but I succeeded with the iPad eventually. After upgrade, everything was back to normal.