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Hacked By Imam



Hacked By Imam


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Brev til Ekstrabladet omkring deres nikotinskræmmekampagne


Jeg skrev et lille brev til Ekstrabladet, som kommentar til deres artikler om deres skræmmekampagner omkring nikotinflasker.

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Cloupor Mini mini-review


So I thought I’d make a small review of the Cloupor Mini.

The build quality is great. It’s a little bit bigger than the iStick. I got mine in black, so it’s a nice thick coat of paint over the aluminium body. The battery cover is held in place by two fairly strong magnets, and I haven’t experienced any rattling or looseness from that. I really like the build quality accutane australia. The screen, which looks great, is pretty flush with the device. The buttons are nice and don’t rattle.

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Cheap replacement electric toothbrush heads


I recently bought an Oral-B Triumph 5500 electrical toothbrush – Replacement brush heads are really expensive. For a TENTH of the price you can get exact copies that doesn’t say Oral-B on them from my favorite Chinese webshop FastTech :) Click here to go to the oral care category!

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FS-LASIK treatment, part 2 of 2


I totally forgot to make a post the day after. It wasn’t because I was blinded ;)
The second treatment took place the day after (on my oldest daughters 10 year birthday) and lasted 30 seconds in all, 25 seconds for the flap, and 5 seconds of corrections.
I went home and slept for three hours again, and woke up. And everything was pretty clear.
It’s been a week now, the dryness of my eyes have abated VERY much – I hardly use the eye drops. It’s really weird to be able to see better without glasses, than I could with glasses a week ago!
All in all, I can recommend the treatment. In Denmark performed by or Memira (Memira has clinics in other countries as well).

Also I recommend that you get your eyes done on separate days – When the government in Denmark pays for it, it’s a requirement for them. I think there are good arguments to do it like that – But an obvious one, was that you can use your untreated eye while the other is closed ;)

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Part 1 of FS-LASIK treatment


I am far-sighted. This morning I went and got FS-LASIK surgery on my right eye. My right eye was the worst one, I had around +3 and astigmatism of around 3 buy generic accutane.2.
The operation itself took 20 seconds (making the flap) and 14 seconds of corrections – 34 seconds in all. Impressive! It was a bit uncomfortable, but not as bad as I had thought.
Right after, my vision was pretty blurry – This has mostly passed. I do have a pronounced haloing, especially around lights right now. I am hoping it will pass. It is only 10 hours since my surgery.
It’s very strange to be walking around without glasses and to be able to see as clearly as with them.
My left eye is around +2, and tomorrow I will have corrective surgery on that.

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Dropbox for backup and sharing


If you aren’t using it already, I can only recommend installing Dropbox. You’ll have backup for your most important files and can share with friends and colleagues. Join with this link: <a href="http://db additional”> – If you use that, I get a little extra space in my dropbox :-)

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Gotta fill the void


So, I’ve installed WordPress again. Only Exciting took world! me a couple of years since the server crash. I should have taken the time to restore the old posts – There wholesale jerseys were posts from before 2000 u?yciem ;)

Anyway. This first Women post wholesale nba jerseys is just cheap jerseys to fill the void. Yesterday I was in absolute tears over damnyouautocorrect. It’s hilarious, so check it out Generic accutane australia.

Also, if you haven’t already, wholesale nfl jerseys check out AMC TV’s new Zombie hacked series The Walking Dead. It’s really entertaining.

Ok, I guess I’d better cheap jerseys get back to work now ;)

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