Windows Live Essentials Install Error 0x80190194

by lars on 31/12/2010

I got a new Webcam, Microsoft LifeCam Cinema, and wanted to record something and edit it their website. It requires MovieMaker, so I had to install Windows Live Essentials. Every time I tried to install it, however, I would get error 0x80190194 – Now I tried researching a bit on the net, but could find no clear way to get rid of the error.
I got rid of it by opening Internet Explorer, deleting all temporary internet files, going in to “Connections” and removing ALL settings in proxy and dial up connections – They were all inactive, but you have to remove them anyway! Then the install went fine.
If you have any VPN-connections or stuff like that, try to leave them and see of you can install – If not, remove those also.