Huffington Post on e-cigs

by lars on 12/02/2011

The Huffington Post has an article on e-cigs called <a href="http://www view it”>Are E-Cigarettes Evil? – It’s a good read, and the comments on the article are even better. So many well informed people. I fear, though, that they are fighting a losing battle against the anti-smoking lobby, Big Pharma, Big Tobacco and the government. Apart from the rediculously fanatic anti-smokers, they all have LOTS of money to lose.

I love one of the comments, “…nicotine is a fairly harmless drug, with the world’s worst delivery system…b­ut from on high it has been decided to focus on eliminatin­g it rather than changing the delivery system ti minimize the harm it does” and “[smokers] are not allowed informatio­n that can greatly reduce their risk“.

The powers that be in the USA (I hope it stays contained there), have their minds set to eliminating the lesser evil. Not that e-cigs are evil in any important way.